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Our Department of Economics provides a four-year undergraduate program. The leading courses incorporated in our undergraduate curriculum are general economics, macroeconomics, microeconomics, international economics, labor economics, econometrics and history of economic thoughts.

Yaşar University Economics program leading to the Bachelor’s degree in Economics combines training in technical economics with opportunities for a broad and balanced undergraduate education. The program aims to give the students a solid grounding in modern economic theory and accompanying skills necessary for independent and critical thinking which will allow them to acquire an understanding of the Turkish and the world economy.

The aim is achieved through a flexible curriculum which is structured to provide the basic social science and quantitative toolbox necessary for all economists in the first two years, followed by a student-tailored curriculum in the last two years during which the students choose a track of study they prefer to complete under economics.

These tracks cover five specific economics fields including Academic Track which aims to prepare students for a highly quantitative graduate study, ‘Production and Trade’ Track which emphasizes topics about the workings of the production of economics and trade such as Investment, Trade and growth, ‘Economics and Finance Track’ which focuses on the courses needed in financial sector, Economics and Business Track which captures the synergy issues between Business and economics, ‘Political Economy and Public sector Track’ designed for those who are intending to work in the Public sector economics and finally a General Economics Track which allows the students to explore cross tracks during their studies. All of these general tracks are supported by a range of free electives allowing students to becoming well-rounded social scientists and furthermore university graduates.

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